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Accidents can either make or break us. Sometimes, they can make us stronger individuals, but oftentimes it left us devastated and impact the rest of our lives far beyond what most people realize.

In 2015 study, Montana ranked as one of the states in the US with the worst drivers. State statistics suggests that in Montana alone, 433 people were injured in motor vehicle collision with 224 cases of fatality. In comparison to previous year’s data, the increase of 17% of vehicular injuries and fatalities has proven Montana to be one of the worst states in the country for auto accidents.

Cases of unintentional death each year reveals a benchmark of 31.2 deaths per 100,000 people. On average, 429 Montanans below 80 die of unintentional injury (either caused by animals, electricity, chemicals, etc.) each year. Given these facts taken from 10 years of Montana death certificate data, MIPP (Montana Injury Prevention Program) to alleviate the rate occurring within the state.

What falls under Personal Injury?

Any form of negligence or carelessness that causes harm to another person applies the rules of Personal Injury. Examples of which are:

What makes a good personal injury case?

Injuries acquired from the accident alone should not be the main basis of personal injury claims. The plaintiff (the party who brings a legal action) needs to prove that his or her claims must contain these 3 essential elements in the case – damages incurred, liabilities or actions recognized by the law as absolute wrong, and collectability or the documents issued to the plaintiff that states that someone owes them a financial compensation from the injuries sustained from an accident. The said 3 items are crucial for your Billing Personal Injury Attorney to prove your claims and win your case.


How is Personal Injury Calculated?

Filing a personal injury claim, tends to have lots of questions, including how to calculate personal injury claims and the amount that one can receive. Oftentimes, the computation for personal injury claims is not that simple and may vary depending on the individual circumstances. As a general rule, the amount of compensation will be directly proportional to the extent of injury suffered. Basically, the more severe injuries had caused you from the accident, the higher the amount should be compensated. For example, getting soft tissue injuries, will not be getting the same amount of monetary compensation compared to one who had spinal or traumatic brain injuries.

Getting the aid of a professional Billings Personal Injury Attorney to assess your situation is highly suggested. With their expertise, your attorney can provide you realistic expectations and give you a ballpark figure of the fair amount you should expect.

Is it worth getting a personal injury lawyer?

With lots of things that worries a person after getting inconvenienced from injuries he or she had sustained from the accident, getting a professional lawyer to help you follow through with your personal injury claims is important. Here are just few of the advantages:

  1. Gives you peace of mind while he handles your case with full knowledge, objectivity, and expertise. Mixed emotions (frustration, self-pity, anger, etc.) while in pain from injuries can cloud your thoughts to make sound decisions. Your personal injury attorney in Billings can help you decide and provide you realistic expectations of your case and other matters related.
  2. Settlements are oftentimes higher for those who hired a personal injury lawyer compared to those who didn’t sought one.
  3. With their expertise in the field, your attorney can provide you alternate solutions. In cases where unfair settlement is getting in the way, your Billings personal injury lawyer will handle the investigation, mediation, and even trial.
  4. Most importantly, your professional personal injury attorney will work hard to do the research, and collaborate with professional investigators that will help you build your claims. This will help you save time and focus more in your recovery


Getting a professional help from a seasoned personal injury lawyer in Billings can make a difference in getting compensated from the injuries you are not at fault. That’s why we at Billing Personal Injury Law thrives to guarantee that you get justice that you truly deserve. Call our Billings office now at 406-272-4493.

Injuries caused by someone else's negligence needs fair justice. Let us help you fight for your right to compensated.

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