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Commercial and Residential property owners and managers have a legal responsibility to maintain their homes, stores, and general grounds in good condition. They are also required to properly warn visitors and travelers if there are known hazard within their premise that needs to be avoided. When they fail to do so, and you suffered harm as a result, you may have the right to file for compensation for the injuries you sustained.

Common Types of Premises Liability Case

Slip and Fall is known to be the most common type of injury that is often a premise liability case. From wet floors, cracked pavements, uneven steps, to unattended trash, and even snow and ice covered sidewalks, these are all potential hazards that can cause someone to either trip, slip, or fall and can lead to serious and traumatic injuries such as broken and dislocated bones, severe soft tissue lacerations, deep bruising, hip fractures, spinal and brain injuries.

Other types of accident that can happen in premises may vary depending on the hazard or threats that are present. You may also file a lawsuit involving injuries that are caused by:

  • Inadequate security
  • Unsafe structures
  • Fires
  • Explosions
  • Building collapses
  • Falling objects
  • Construction zone conditions
  • Elevator or escalator failures
  • Electrocution
  • Exposure to toxic substances
  • Dog bites

How can you prove the property owner’s negligence in filing a premises liability case?

Not all such accidents, however, automatically make property owners liable: you must be able to show that the owner knew or should have reasonably known that unsafe conditions existed and failed to remedy them, and that those conditions were the cause of your injury. A strong evidence accounts for a strong case, that is why partnering with an expert Billings Personal Injury and Premises Liability Attorney is crucial to assess your claims, and even investigate the premises where the incident happened.

As we have an extensive experience in handling different cases of personal injury, our resident attorney, Joe Frick possess an impressive knowledge of Montana premises liability laws and is committed to seek the authority or person accountable for the injuries and inconveniences that had caused you.

How can a Premises Liability Lawyer help you with your case?

Getting the help of a Billings premises liability attorney can save you time, and help you achieve great results while you focus on recovery and getting your life back on track. Here in Joe Frick Law, PLLC, part of evaluating your case is to undertake a full investigation of the circumstances behind your accident. That may include:

  • Consulting medical professionals to verify the extent of your injuries and the cost of recovery
  • Photographing the scene of your accident and preserving other evidence
  • Researching whether anyone else has been injured in the same location, or if anyone has previously complained about the property’s condition

We have helped clients file suit against property owners, tenants, landlords, security guards and companies, management companies, and other at-fault parties in premises liability claims. In all cases, we will structure sound arguments designed to help you receive the maximum compensation possible.

Joe Frick Law, PLLC provides comprehensive assistance to clients throughout Montana who have been injured on another person’s property. Call our Billings office at 406-272-4493 or send us a message for a consultation.

Injuries caused by someone else's negligence needs fair justice. Let us help you fight for your right to compensated.

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